PersephoneTM makes visualizing and exploring diverse genomic data types easy with enhanced graphics performance. It enables individual users, as well as entire institutions, to manage ever increasing genomic datasets. Persephone integrates public and private data with the ability to stack multiple datasets on top of each other; providing consistent long-term accessibility to experiments and data.

This help system provides documentation for

  • Setting up the Persephone System. This section is intended for Persephone administrators and provides an overview of the Persephone system and covers configuring Persephone for your environment, which includes
    • Configuring an Oracle or MySQL server, which can be in-house or in the cloud.
    • Configuring an API server (known as "Cerberus") that enhances data loading functionality.
    • Configuring a web server for Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), Persephone application distribution, and a custom Persephone Welcome page.
  • Persephone User Guide. How to run the main Persephone application.
  • Loading Data into Persephone. How to install and use the data loading PersephoneShell application.

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