Persephone uses a middle-tier API server known as Cerberus that improves performance by using data-caching functions, which talk to one or more databases.

This server should be hosted on a powerful (Dual Quad-core, 16 GB) computer that runs Microsoft IIS 7 and .NET Framework 4.5 or Linux with Mono.

Step 1: Determine Your AWS Instance Type

Refer to the table below for our hardware recommendations and then select an AWS instance type listed on Amazon's EC2 Instances page. For example, an m3.large instance would meet our recommendations.

API Server Recommendations



Processor Type

Dual Quad-core

Processor Speed

2.8 GHz


16 GB

Local Storage

500 GB

Operating System

Windows IIS 7 or later or Linux with Mono

Step 2: Configure Your AWS Instance

Follow the steps on Amazon's Configuring Your Windows Instance page to configure a Windows AWS instance or follow the steps on the Configuring Your Amazon Linux Instance page to configure a Linux AWS instance.

Step 3: Configure the Cerberus API Server

Follow the steps described in Set Up the API (Cerberus) Server for more information.