A user session (displayed maps, their position, zoom and the list of tracks) can be saved to be restored in future. This is done by creating a bookmark via Bookmarks/Create menu item. The form for creating a bookmark allows users to define the bookmark's title and description. A screenshot with displayed maps is saved to serve as a reference for easier recognition of the session.

The saved bookmarks can be opened/modified/deleted by using Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks... menu item. This calls an interface for managing the bookmarks:

In addition to the self-explanatory buttons Delete Bookmark and Open Bookmark, there is a button Copy URL that copies the bookmark's URL into the clipboard for sharing it with other users. The bookmark's URL would include a unique code that identifies the bookmark in the database. The user receiving the URL can save the opened session as his own bookmark, ensuring that the bookmark will not disappear even if the user that created the original bookmark deletes it from the database.