You can select a map to display using the map browser on the left. Select a map set from the tree and choose a specific chromosomal map (name) from the list below. In the list of available maps for an organism, physical map sets are displayed using italics.

Every time you choose a map it will be displayed on the stage and replace all previous maps unless they are pinned down. A plate can be pinned down by checking the Pin checkbox in the list of available maps. The pinned-down plates will remain on the stage until you explicitly close them by unpinning the checkbox in the list or by calling the right mouse button menu on the plate and selecting the Close plate item from the right-click menu or clicking the red button with the white 'x' in it.

The Settings dialog (Tools>Settings>Plate display) contains a checkbox that will turn on/off auto-pinning of a map. When it is on, a newly added plate will be automatically pinned down. (See Settings for more information.)

Removing a plate from the stage