The Persephone client application can be deployed using Microsoft's ClickOnce technology. The Persephone application will reside on a web-server (either Windows or Linux), letting users start installation from a common URL. The program files will be copied to the user's computer (similar to an Internet cache with no admin rights required). A desktop icon (shown below) and a Start menu item will be created on the user's computer.

Users will start Persephone the same way as they launch other Windows programs: from the Start menu or a shortcut. Before starting, the program will check for updates at the original URL and will automatically download a new version if it is available and the user agrees to the update. Otherwise, the Persephone session will start right away.

Follow the steps below to configure ClickOnce on your web server.

  1. Send us the URL for your ClickOnce directory, for example:

This means that the URL for distribution will become This URL will be inserted into the configuration files of the application as the location where Persephone will check for the updates every time it starts.

  1. We (Persephone Software) will provide you an archive with the whole directory structure of the ClickOnce package.
  2. You will need to copy this archive to your internal web site at the URL you provided us in Step 1.
  3. When you are ready to let your users use the application, distribute the Persephone ClickOnce URL. For example, you could create an email distribution list of your Persephone users and then send an email with the ClickOnce URL to this distribution list. The URL can also be placed on some web page.