To view the unspliced sequence for a gene in an Annotations window click the Unspliced Seq tab. A screen similar to the following will be displayed.

The unspliced sequence is displayed in FASTA format with the first line consisting of the sequence name followed by the Persephone annotation ID.


See the Legend panel for an explanation of the sequences.

To see additional sequences upstream and downstream enter the number nucleotides in the 5' UTR, 3' UTR, or both text boxes and then click Update Extra. (The extra nucleotides are displayed in green text).

The dropbox "Overlapping Genes in" lists the tracks where overlapping genes should be detected. If a gene model in the opposite orientation from the same track or a gene model from the "Overlapping Genes" track overlaps with the unspliced sequence of the selected gene, the "sequence collision" will be underlined: