By default, PersephoneShell uses a managed driver for the Oracle database, known as ODP.NET (Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll). The ODP.NET driver no longer needs a preinstalled Oracle client to connect to the database. Also, ODP.NET introduced a new connection string that contains information about tnsnames.


You can use MySQL (MariaDb is recommended) instead of Oracle. See the MySQL Documentation page for documentation on setting up MySQL servers.

The connection string can be provided in the following format:

Data Source=localhost:1521/orcl1;User ID=scott;Password=tiger

or as a more simplified string, known as EZCONNECT:


The corresponding source in tnsname.ora would be


Regular connection strings will still work if tnsnames.ora is located in the program folder.

Data Source=orcl;User ID=scott;Password=tiger


Use cipher utility to encode the connection string. In the encrypted form, it can be placed inside PersephoneShell configuration file.

In case MySql-compatible database is used, the connection string in the PersephoneShell configuration file should be accompanied by providerName, for example:

<add name="MYSQL" providerName="MySql.Data.MySqlClient" connectionString="---" />