You can load data into the Persephone database with PersephoneShell (psh.exe), which is an administrative tool to effectively manage various levels of database objects that the Persephone client program visualizes. The shell allows users to list, add, and modify objects like organisms, genomic sequences, gene annotation, and so forth.

Please note PersephoneShell is an administrative tool for the database only.


If you wish to load data locally on your PC only, without affecting the Persephone database, you can do so by loading external data files when running the main Persephone application. See Loading External Files in the Persephone User Guide for more information.

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  • Setting Up PersephoneShell. This section describes how to install PersephoneShell on your local machine.
  • Running PersephoneShell. How to run PersephoneShell from a command prompt.
  • Initializing the Schema. How to use the init command to initialize a Persephone schema and add configuration values.
  • Use Case. A use case where PersephoneShell is used to add an organism and corresponding map sets, maps, sequences, annotations, markers and other tracks. This section can be used as a basic tutorial.
  • Commands. Detailed descriptions of PersephoneShell's commands.