Follow the steps below to install PersephoneShell on your local machine.


To install PersephoneShell on Windows machines, just unpack the provided ZIP archive to any directory. The application can be started by running a command 'psh.exe' with parameters.


Mac OS X and Linux

To install PersephoneShell on Linux or Mac OS X machines, follow the steps below.

Make sure that the Mono framework of version 4.1 or higher is pre-installed.

  1. Extract the archive to a folder (e.g., /usr/local).
  2. Change the permission of the psh file to 755.
  3. Edit the psh file to replace $PSH_ROOT with the installation folder. (e.g., /usr/local/PersephoneShell). Or, create a $PSH_ROOT environment variable pointing to the installation folder.
  4. Put the psh file at a bin directory under the path.
  5. The application can be started by running 'mono psh.exe' with parameters.