PersephoneShell comes with an init command to initialize a Persephone schema and add configuration values. If the schema is empty, PersephoneShell will suggest that you execute the init command right after PersephoneShell starts. Otherwise, the init command will display a warning that the schema is not empty and, with your permission, will clear the existing objects.

PS> init -v
Creating the Persephone schema onto the database...
Deleting objects... Completed
Creating objects... Completed
Inserting values... Completed
Schema have been successfully created.
Before you would be able to load any data, you should add at least one sequence storage.
NOTE: You can do it right now, or anytime later using 'add storage' command.
Do you really want to add the sequence storage now? (Y/N) Y
Storage Id? 1
Configuration (path to sequences folder)? d:\data\sequences\db1
Storage priority (leave blank for highest priority)?
Do you really want to add the storage? (Y/N) Y
Storage  added
Do you really want to add a sample dataset (Arabidopsis thaliana)? (Y/N)

 We recommend to add the sample dataset of Arabidopsis thaliana genome. It will create a map set with a couple of tracks, and this will help you test the whole system.