Persephone can import Excel files containing mapping information, VCF (Variant Call Format) files containing SNP information, and bedGraph/Wiggle files. Files can be opened by dragging and dropping them into the main Maps page or by selecting them using the File tool on the main toolbar. The File tool will enable you to open the file directly using the Open selection and then opening the file with a standard Windows interface for opening files.

Important Notes

Loading external files does not load data into the Persephone databaseClosed. Instead, the data is only loaded locally on your PC. In addition, you should not load files larger than 1GB using this mechanism. If you wish to load large files, update the Persephone database, or both, the administrator can use PersephoneShell, which is described in Loading Data into Persephone.

Please note that you should ensure that the file type is set to "All files (*.*)" in the Open Map File window to ensure the file is recognized, for example a bedGraph/Wiggle file. Alternatively, the file can be accessed using the Open File from URL, which will enable you to enter a URL for the location of the file. This opens a window, defining how to open a file using 3 options: standard open file browser, URL, or FTP.

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